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Falafel Boy is an authentic Mediterranean restaurant and as passionate and homegrown as they come. Since its start in January of 2017, Falafel Boy has been bringing high-quality, 100% clean, and ever-tasty food to the Bay Area. Brought to you by Generations of perfecting and given to us by Grandma, our recipes are include: Fresh Hormone-free Halal Protein, Locally Sourced Produce and Spices, Quality and Quantity Checked, and served in eco-friendly containers. Here at Falafel Boy, we believe  It’s absolutely necessary that all people can have access to yummy food that’s good for the body and the heart, and that’s exactly what can be found in Oakland, San Francisco, and the soon-to-be Danville, CA location.


The legacy of Falafel Boy continues to grow just as the legacy of Falafel Boy’s grandma and mother continues to live on. If tasty food, clean ingredients, and good prices are what you’re after, you don’t have to look any further than Falafel Boy. You are invited to come and partake, and enjoy the true flavors of the Mediterranean.


S.F. Location Closed  Temporarily For Renovation!

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